Group Booking

Booking as a group? No problem, we can arrange group bookings on all our destinations. You can choose to have the same type of yachts for all your friends or pick the yachts individually to fill everyone’s specific needs, either way we will help you. Before completing this form, we suggest you have a look at the yachts online and get an idea of the options available.

Discount rates

  • 7-9 yachts 5%
  • 10-14 yachts 7%
  • 15 yachts 8%

*discounts will only be applied once all yachts have paid their second instalment.
*discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.
*yachts already booked at the time a group booking is requested will not be considered part of the group booking.

Contact details

Please complete our group booking request form below and we will get back to you promptly with more information. Alternatively give us a call on
+44 1389 656 005

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