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Vino and volcanoes galore

Set just off the coast of Sicily’s rugged and restless mountains, the dramatic Aeolian islands are home to million-year-old rock formations, family run restaurants and vibrant sunset bars. This route is an adults’ playground - yachts, vino and volcanoes galore!

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Just happy to be here. I get to hike volcanoes and sail around them... What a time to be alive.

Oscar Mino, 2016

Example route

This is an example route. A detailed itinerary of your week will be released 2 weeks before the event.

  • Portorosa

    We start our seven day journey through the Aeolian islands from Marina di Portorosa in the town of Tonnarella. We recommend getting to this vibey little port town by 2pm to check in and buy food for the trip if need be.

  • Salina

    In contrast to Vulcano's barren mountainside, Salina's twin craters, Monte dei Porri and Monte Fossa delle Felci, are evergreen and lush. Salina offers a variety of boutiques and restaurants. Enjoy your first day strolling around the streets, feasting your heart out on the good stuff - true Italian pizza pasta, or take the plunge into the mud baths.

  • Lipari

    This lively pastel-coloured town is the cultural hub of the Aeolian route and is the largest and most populated island along the archipelago. Lipari has a very distinguished history and has been inhabited for about 6000 years, you could quite happily spend a day pottering around its cobbled streets, gelato in-hand, gawking at the gorgeous architecture and revelling in all its ancient glory.

  • Stromboli

    After spending a successful few days ‘carping the diem’, we will work off that megalicious pizza and vino with a hike up one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Stromboli. Most famous for its nighttime explosions that throw glowing lava into the sky, giving it the nickname the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean.”

  • Panarea

    Small and exclusive, Panarea is renowned for attracting fashionable international jet-setters. On the way there, it’s well worth popping by the tiny island, Lisca Bianca, for one of its famous boat parties before anchoring in San Pietro and heading to the Raya hotel that evening for a party.

  • Vulcano

    Approaching Vulcano you can't help but be awestruck by the pretty plumes of smoke rising into the sunset. Famous for its black volcanic beach, therapeutic mud baths and hot springs, this small yet restless mountain island is an absolute must-see.

  • Asino Beach

    A combination of a volcanic black sandy beaches, clear salty water and palm trees makes for a brilliant afternoon at Asino Beach. It’s directly on the way to Vulcano, so make sure you stop by because there aren't many hidden beaches like this one.

  • Lisca Bianca

    What makes sailing to Panarea so exceptional is testament the magical views of the remains of ancient volcanic rocks peeking out of the sea. The biggest and most impressive, formed 130,000 years ago, is Lisca Bianca. Get your camera ready, this one’s gonna make your snap story very interesting.

  • Cala Junco

    Looking for an alcove amidst paradise? Say no more, Cala Junco is exactly that. The water in this little clove are as clear as can get, the vibes are strictly good, so drop the anchor and float away in this beautiful bay.

  • Pollara Bay

    Located on a volcanic crater, Pollara is an old fishing village you can reach by following a couple of steep steps through a few fishermen’s houses built into the cliffs. Sound authentic? We can assure you, it is.


Stromboli Volcano hike

Aperitivo in Panarea

Wandering cobblestone streets

Bottomless gelato

Sunset dinners

Wine tasting in Salina

Swim at Lisca Bianca

Island Vespa rides

A typical day in Italy

Imagine 7 of these in a row! Each day bringing something entirely new


Wake up in beautiful Panarea with the sun and sound of seagulls


Dip into the Mediterranean sea for your morning rinse


Swap stories from yesterday’s expeditions as you feast on breakfast prepared by your hostess


Chill on the sundeck whilst your skipper sails you to an ancient formation of rocks for a swim


Continue sailing until you see the smoking Stromboli volcano looming above you


Catch a dinghy to the black sandy beach, explore the town before hiking up an active volcano at sunset


Head out for a well deserved delicious Italian feast with your crew


Rest your legs or dance under the stars to the summery sounds of TYW’s favourite DJs

I loved the hike up Stromboli and the wine tasting was fun. TYW did an awesome job picking venues for the parties

Tyler B. 2016

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Answers To Your Questions

Yes, we read your mind…

The exact routes are set a few weeks before the event starts. As soon as the routes are set, you will be able to view it on your booking. If you are booking with other yachts, you must ensure all yachts are booked from the same marina to ensure your group will remain together for the duration of the week.

All the yachts will depart from Portorosa marina.

We recommend to get to the marina by 3pm. Then you will have time to register with us, do the check-in with the yachting company and the food shopping before you get your yacht. The yachts will stay in the marina on Saturday night and leave on Sunday morning. You will get back to the marina on Friday afternoon and have to check out and leave the yacht before 9am on Saturday morning.