A bit about us

We are a small team of people who appreciate humour, good food, great people and of course travel. Not to mention a passion for an experience that we believe really is the best in the business; The Yacht Week.


Yet another Zimbabwean. Barry's strengths lie in hospitality, holidays and brewing. Favourite thing about the office: the dress-code, or lack of it.

Operations Director

Ops and orienteering director. Previous experience: British Army. Believer in triumph over adversity.

Commercial and Product Director

Meet Luce. Aka: the office trendsetter. Master of the pivot table. Desert island item: bikini.

Finance Director

Find Paul being quiet in the corner, soaking up the chilled vibes whilst managing our finances. Give Paul a beer and out comes the lad.

Marketing and Brand Director

Another African to add to our team, Nik was born in Malawi and has visited over 30 countries.

Head of Marketing

Annie has a BA in French and Italian and past experience in creative advertising. Her favourite thing about the office (like many peoples) is of course the full biscuit jar.

Global Account Manager

A Croatian with a love for salt & vinegar chips and riding the bus. Inspired by: people, different perspectives, travel and the moon.

Marketing Manager

Ella is notorious for always being too hot or too cold; there is no in between. Her fave thing about the office is all the tunes (because they're generally all hers).

Analyst and Paid Media Strategist

Stephen loves data so much he even dreams about it, so it's no surprise that well-ordered datasets is also what inspires him. His fave thing about the office: the occasional appearance of ABBA on the Sonos.

Marketing Executive

Cara is most notorious for her breakfast spread and her fave thing about the office is the BVI room because BVI is life, duh.

Head of The Ski Week

Just a small town girl with a big love for halloumi. And adventures. And adventures with halloumi.

Croatia Operations, QD

Our resident Irish Skipper has done a whopping 60+ Yacht Weeks. And of course, his desert island item would be a sailboat.

Commercial Relationship Executive

Half italian, half brazilian. Notorious for being an admin whizz. Desert island item: pizza.

Head of Customer Service and Sales

Lyds is notorious for: not knowing a "normal" pasta size portion. Her desert island item is SPF50.

Sales Executive

Tommy is most notorious for terrible, terrible content. And also being very loud. It's lucky he works in sales then.

Sales Executive

Giulia is inspired by travelling and great friends. One of her desert island items would be a Yacht Week playlist... great choice.

Customer Service Executive

Caroline's desert island item would be a speaker with a 90's playlist on and she is inspired by sunsets - sounds like The Yacht Week is perfect for you then Caz.

Web Developer

Ondrej's desert island item would be an emergency GPS watch so that he can be rescued - can you tell he works in tech?

Web Developer

Notorious for being an adrenaline junkie and his desert island items would be sunglasses and gin & tonic - you're in the right place Davide.

Web Developer

Ollie is notorious for his sarcasm and chilled out attitude. On a desert island he'd take a frisbee so he can become the ultimate frisbee champion.

Finance Projects Manager

J-dog. Mother hen of the office. Often found keeping the founders in check.

Finance Manager

Looks like Lara Croft. Plays handball like her too. Find her on the dance floor.

Finance Assistant

If you see Francesca around the office she will most likely have either chocolate or coffee in her hand while inputing all those numbers.

Head of Entertainment & business Development Coordinator

Our resident Australian Tom is notorious for his marvel comics obsession. His desert island item would be an ipad with all seasons of Scrubs on it.

HR Manager

Indre can speak English, Lithuanian, Russian AND Spanish. She has an unhealthy love for potatoes and her desert island item would be an infinite notebook.