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Croatia - Original Route

Croatia Original Route

Calendar icon Jul, Aug, Sep

Calendar icon 30-50 yachts per week

Described as a floating festival, this route is a gathering of summer-loving seafarers from around the world. Croatia’s serene seas and enchanting towns continue to call us back year after year.

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Greece - Athens Route

Greece Athens Route

Calendar icon Jul, Aug, Sep

Calendar icon 15-20 yachts per week

The land of day parties and delicacies. Bathe in hummus, sip strong ouzo and ride a donkey around ancient ruins. Greece truly is the perfect balance of relaxation and revelry.

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Caribbean - BVI Route

Caribbean BVI Route

Calendar icon Dec, Jan

Calendar icon 15-30 yachts per week

If palm trees, balmy days and chilled vibes are what you’re after; our Caribbean route set in the British Virgin Islands is perfect for you. When the sun sets the evenings get turned up a notch.

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Montenegro - Adriatic Route Sold out

Montenegro Adriatic Route

Calendar icon Aug

Calendar icon 10-20 yachts per week

New to our repertoire, this is the most dramatic sail-scape on TYW. With steep, craggy mountains covered in a dense canopy of firs and cedars plummeting straight down into the sea.

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Spain - Mallorca Route Sold out

Spain Mallorca Route

Calendar icon Aug, Sep

Calendar icon 10-20 yachts per week

Mallorca’s recent revitalisation as a sailing destination has put it back on the map as a must-see island in the Mediterranean. A true Balearic beauty, we’re pumped we get to explore it.

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