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Posted on 12th March 2024

We want you to have the best experience possible, so we've put together a packing list to make sure you're prepared for everything French Polynesia has to offer. From underwater cameras to reef shoes, we've got you covered. Just remember to bring some seasickness tablets if you're prone to getting queasy on boats - we don't want anyone missing out on the fun!

  • Underwater Camera - the underwater life on the route is incredible. Often harmless reef sharks and rays will join you when you are swimming. If you have underwater camera gear, bring it. We damaged two iPhones so we do not recommend using them for underwater photography. 
  • Drones - drones are strictly controlled in French Polynesia. If you wish to do any serious filming, please apply for a license. For more information please visit this website.
  • Friendly Sunscreen - Please bring reef friendly sunscreen, The locals prefer you to use this to protect what you will find to be pristine coral. Being close to the equator, the sun is extremely strong so even if it does not feel hot you will burn.
  • Reef shoes - there are a number of hikes and shallow coral walks if you have them bring reef shoes or sandals for this. Reef shoes are available from local shops at a reasonable price (unstylish and practical).
  • Seasickness Tablets - inside the reef and at anchor, the water is very calm. However between islands, even on a calm day, there is a significant swell. If you suffer from seasickness or don’t know, we recommend bringing some. The crossings are 3-4 hrs long and not much fun if you are ill.  
  • Cash - most venues and supermarkets accept credit cards. Local markets and some shops do not. You will need some local currency (Polynesian Francs). This can be withdrawn from ATMs which are few and far between so we recommend getting cash in Raiatea or at the international airport . US$ cash is not accepted. ($1 = approx $115 Polynesian Francs).
  • Power - sockets are European style 2 pin plugs. There are no marinas on the route but all yachts have generators so power is not a big issue. We recommend bringing a power bank to charge multiple devices as some yachts may have limited sockets. 
  • Alcohol - Alcohol is expensive in French Polynesia. Spirits are typically double the price they are in the US and Europe. If your crew have space, get everyone to buy some from the duty-free before you fly. 
  • Regatta- There's one thing which makes Yacht Week, The Yacht Week ... the infamous regatta! Bring your A game and rock your best fits to compete for the winning title. Maybe you have your outfit planned from A-Z or maybe you're a rookie in need of some outfit inspo. Get creative and get your crew together to rock your regatta outfits!

Respect for The Environment and Culture.

Speaking of fun, we want to remind you to be respectful of the environment and culture while you're exploring. French Polynesia is home to some of the most beautiful ecosystems in the world, so let's do our part to protect them. Please be mindful of local ecosystems by:

  • Not leaving your rubbish on small islands or in private rubbish bins.
  • Never throw anything overboard.
  • Recycling is available in Bora Bora, Moorea and Raiatea.
  • Only anchoring on sandy sea beds (never on coral).
  • Never empty holding tanks inside the reef.
  • Never picking fruit or flowers without permission.
  • Avoid snorkelling in large groups.
  • Adhering the local fishing regulations.

Help us  maintain the long history of mutual respect between islanders and visitors by:

  • Limiting excessive noise and loud behaviour when near other yachts, especially local residents. 
  • Covering up when on shore in public (no bikinis and guys keep your shirts on).
  • Familiarising yourself with each area’s cultural and behavioural customs.
  • Freely trading useful items, education, and assistance with the locals, but not alcohol.

So let's make the most of this incredible adventure together, and don't forget to bring your best dance moves and a positive attitude.
See you in the South Pacific!

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