Welcome to the best week of your life

This is The Yacht Week - the original floating festival. Seven days of sailing, exploring picturesque pockets of the world and dancing the night away with hundreds of other like-minded travellers. You’ll have your own skipper and the freedom to map your own path through stunning islands and incredible parties.

Your word, not ours

After 15 years running The Yacht Week, people have a lot to say about us


Eat, sleep and live on a yacht for seven days in a paradise of your choice and enjoy the flexibility yacht travel brings.


Fill your days with secret swim stops, discovering deserted beaches and hiking to heights that make your heart soar.


Dance somewhere different every night of the week. Boogie on a boat, a bar or a beach - we're not fussy where we move our feet.


After experiencing your first Yacht Week, you're initiated into a community of sailors, makers, movers and shakers.


Ready to set sail?

Browse available yachts in all of our destinations, and start planning how to make next summer count. Remember - the earlier you plan, the longer you'll have to look forward to it. Smart, right?

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