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Posted on 16th April 2024

From the mouths of our very own Yacht Week veterans, we have collated a list of Yacht Week hotspots and activities that you won't find on google maps.

Poros - Greece

Hike to the clock tower - If you are looking for a view of the terracotta-roofed houses, Poros is the place. Wake up early and walking through the small town of Poros. The town is a labyrinth of narrow stone-paved streets, packed with quaint shops, traditional tavernas, and cosy cafes. Before the sun is beaming down on you, walk up the hill to the church and clock tower at the top and get many views for the price of one. 

Lemon forest - This renowned lemon forest - the only one in Greece - is situated opposite the port of Poros on the shores of the Peloponnese (which is accessible via a short boat ride). In May, the whole town of Poros is engulfed in the heavenly scent of citrus. The Lemon Tree Forest (Lemonodasos in Greek) was immortalized in Kosmas Politis' 1930 story of the same name, which captured its unique atmosphere. During the 18th and 19th centuries, it significantly contributed to the flourishing of the local economy, as Poros exported large quantities of lemons. Today, the Lemon Forest is made up of hundreds of small orchards, some of which are fenced. Though it no longer resembles what Kosmas Politis had described in his story, it is a great place for hiking and great views.

Poseidon Sanctuary - Poros has one attraction for those that love ancient history. Poros possesses one of the largests (though leveled) sanctuaries of the god Poseidon. The story you ask? The larger island of Poros, Kalavria, was offered to Apollo, but as he was more interested in Delphi, he exchanged Poros for Delphi with fellow god Poseidon. For Poseidon a large and beautiful temple was built in 520 BC on one of the higher points of the island. The actual site has stunning views in the direction of Athens and looks down on a rather flat area of which some say was used for sports games in the ancients days. These days you will only find the ruins of what once was Poseidon’s Temple. It is an excellent place for meditation where some say you can still feel the energy of the sanctuary.

Hvar - Croatia

Scooter inside a lavender haze -The Hvar lavender flowers blossom only in early summer, during June and July. Even late May is still too early to see the full lavender in bloom. The main Hvar lavender fields are located around Zastrazisce, Gdinj and Bogomolje, around 15 minutes from the old town. If you have a rental car ready, your best option is to drive there or hire a scooter up the highest point of the island and you will be surrounded by blooming lavender and 360 views. Make sure you capture the moment as this is a spectacle our staff count down the days to see each year.

In case you are more interested in lavender souvenirs – there are tons on local markets and shops, such as at the fresh market in Split – throughout the year.

Dubovica beach - Escape the madness of the tourist heavy streets and beaches. Just 20 minutes away from Hvar town, on the south shore of Hvar island, lies a pebbled beach called Dubovica. With just a few small restaurants and bars, you can really take a second to embrace the calm and the Croatian beauty around you.  It’s the perfect spot for a picnic or to savour the local cuisine, as the restaurant is perched on the beach with a picturesque garden home to fluttering butterflies. The area hosts the clearest sea water and a house of the Kasandrić family from the 18th century. If you're lucky (or not) you'll hear the owner singing opera from his window.

Peka at Konoba Dubokovic - You cannot go to Croatia without trying Peka. Peka is a very popular traditional method of preparing various specialities across Croatia. It involves roasting the food over open flames using a clay or a wrought-iron baking vessel. Beef, lamb, or even octopus if commonly cooked in this way, which all develop a specific flavour in the process. Meat roasted under the bell is juicy and tender, easily separated from the bone, and is normally accompanied by potatoes that are roasted in the meat juices that give them a distinct flavour. Sit with your favourite people and watch your veggies and meat being made in the traditional way in this gorgeous konoba (Croatian for restaurant). This konoba is settled in the middle of the island in a tiny medieval town called Pitve, elevated above sea level with a distant view of the sea and vineyards. Take a moment to appreciate where you are and the Croatian culture you've just immersed yourself in.

Above are just a few of the secret spots we recommend around Hvar, the list is endless.

Keep your eyes peeled for our other secret spot recommendations around our other islands and destinations ... coming soon.

Until then, discover our Original Croatia route for summer 2024 !

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