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Posted on 14th May 2024

We have had hundreds of hosts and skippers walk our docks in our 18 years. But only one has surpassed over 100 weeks. Goran.

Goran is a Croatian skipper who has worked for Yacht week since 2013 and has racked up a pretty impressive 112 weeks on the water. Yeah, you read that correctly... 112. 

We sat down with the GOAT of skippers to get the inside scoop on what its like to have that many Yacht Weeks under your belt:

Q: What year did you start?
A: 2013

Q: How many yacht weeks have you done?
A: 112

Q: Favourite island and why?
A: In Croatia it's Hvar because they have Kiva bar. In BVI it’s Jost Van Dyke because they have Soggy Dollar bar, and in Greece it’s Hydra because we have casual gathering of friends that just happened to be hungry and thirsty at the same time (skipper breakfast doesn't exist). So in conclusion I love those islands because they are beautiful (and I might love a beer too much).

Q: Any secret spots on the island you’ve discovered and want to share ?
A: I definitely have some spots but I only share them with my own crews! Guess you'll have to request Goran as your Skipper if you want to find out.

Q: Favourite bar to unwind and have a drink in?
A: Kiva Bar..... Damn if I started making notes since I started going there I would have kick ass memoirs.

Q: Funniest memory on yacht week?
A: I had 11 seasons of constant fun. It's too hard to pick the funniest.

Q: Do you have a favourite crew (that you can tell us)?
A: My favourite crew are my people from Chicago. Two crews that I introduced to each other when I went there for a visit and since then they have become amazing friends. After that we did a Greece and BVI trip all together. Two of them are part of the Skipper & Host community and now they run a boat in the Caribbean.

Q: If you had to choose, which club/party is your number 1?
A: Carpe diem in Hvar Town - it ran from 5-8pm and it was the best party ever.

Q: Any advice to skippers who want to follow In your footsteps?
A: Enjoy every day of it because when you stop your only regret will be that you haven't started earlier.

If you're in Croatia this summer, don't be shy and say hi to Goran! He doesn't bite (most of the time).

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