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Posted on 17th June 2024

The VIP's - the returners, the guests who've seen it all.  We sat down with some of Yacht Week veterans and asked then what makes them return year on year.

Maggie Foley

We sat down with Maggie in Croatia, who has done 3 Yacht Weeks in her time and got to know why she's such a big Yacht Week stan.

Q: What are your favourite things about Yacht Week:
A: Exploring different places while meeting new and interesting people with lots of events that connect people, there is never a dull moment. There is the perfect mix of socialising and events and being able to explore the country.

Q: Favourite location:
A: Croatia original route is my favourite. Croatia is gorgeous and Croatians are super friendly. All the spots you visit are amazing.

Q: Favourite theme:
A: I loved Rivera chic in 2022 and the tropical retro theme. The white party is just classic - Yacht Week is just known for it and everyone looks so pretty.

Q: Best memory from this week:
A: Tunnel raft was the best day just because throughout the week you can hang out all day with new people - it really focuses on the connections. The after party with the DJ was also amazing.

Blake Barnhill

Blake is on his 2nd Yacht week, this time in Greece and is 'f*****ng obsessed with this trip"

Q: Favourite theme:
A: Going all out on the themes because can plan garden of love is my favourite.
I love themes because it’s an opportunity to strut

Q: What are your favourite things about Yacht Week:
A: Making so many new friends, having fun and not having to think about anything the whole week.

Q: Best memory from this week:
A: Forgetting the normal world and turning my brain off - I’m f*****ng obsessed with this trip. It’s wonderful, everyone’s so nice - I love it!

Q: Favourite Yacht Week Venue:
A: Fort George is my favourite venue - I think the Venues in Croatia are 10/10.

Mike Vaccaro

Q:What are your favourite things about Yacht Week:
A:The people you meet on yacht week are second to none. Everyone is so welcoming and you start off as friends and end as family.

Q:How many Yacht Weeks have you done and have you done any Ski Weeks
A: I have done 6 Yacht Weeks! Croatia original, Croatia Ultra, Turkey, Tahiti, BVI and Sardinia. I've also done 1 Ski Week in Austria.

Q:What is the best regatta theme you’ve had on a Yacht Week.
A:We were all dressed as minions with the skipper as Gru.

Q: What is your best memory of yacht week.
A: Having the Yacht Week staff get me a cake and having  200+ sing happy birthday to me. Best birthday I've ever had.

Q:What has been your favourite location and venue out of everything you've seen.
A:The BVI's - they have a bar called Willy T's which is a floating boat and everyone just jumps off- it's so much fun!

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