Add a Hostess

The Yacht Week hostess are trained sea chefs who will treat you to freshly prepared meals every day and even tidy up afterwards. Think of your hostess as an extra friend aboard the yacht.

Hostess have duties for the week, but that doesn’t limit their fun. Be good to your hostess and they will be good to you. Hostess are only an option if you also have a TYW Skipper on board.

What will the hostess do?

  • The food shopping on arrival and throughout the week (accompanied by a crew member)

  • Clean the galley, saloon, cockpit and toilets, but not the bedrooms

  • Whip up something special for breakfast, lunch and dinner (dinner x2 nights a week)

  • Guide you and your crew through the bewildering array of exotic delicacies

  • Serve drinks with dinner

  • Wash the dishes and clean up after meals


Hostess prices

Croatia, Ultra, Greece, Italy, Mallorca, Montenegro





Become a hostess

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The skipper manager will assigning skippers and hostess up to 2 weeks prior to your departure.

To request a specific hostess that you know, you will have to log in to your booking, under "Extra Options" you will be able to nominate a hostess to your booking, the price for this is €100.

Yes the hostess will affect your ratio, read more.

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