What's Included

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Every yacht that sets sail on The Yacht Week includes a Skipper on board. They are the masters of the ocean and will be your guide, navigator and after a week on deck, a good friend too!


Yacht accommodation
 (6 nights)

You'll be staying on a gorgeous yacht and sail alongside fellow Yacht-Weekers as part of an epic flotilla. You’ll wake up to views that’ll make you question whether or not you’ve actually woken up yet!


Access to all exclusive events

Experience The Year of the Sea Myth with the Sirens' Call party on our Original routes & themes like Dockside Disco in our Exotic destinations, as well as our legendary raft parties.


International DJs

Count on us for the perfect soundtrack. From daytime circle rafts to island parties beneath the stars, you’ll be dancing to the rhythm of iconic DJ's. Not to mention the world-renowned artists who perform during the Ultra festival route.


Stereo speakers onboard

We’ll keep you bopping and bouncing all week with a stereo speaker system on board your yacht.


Final yacht cleaning

The last thing you want to do at the end of the best week of your life, is scrub a deck down. That’s why we take care of ALL the dirty work. You can spend the extra time gloating to your mates!


Towels & bed linen

Leave those towels and sheets at home, we've got you covered.



Every Yacht comes equipped with a dinghy anytime you need to get to shore.


Festival VIP

On our Ultra route, your VIP festival tickets are included.

Food and drink extras

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Hosts can be added onto any yacht booking, as long as there is a cabin for them to sleep. They’ll cook 6 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 2 dinners for you and your crew onboard your yacht. It will cost an additional €1200 to add on a host. For some cabin bookings a host and your food will be included in the price.



If you have a host on your yacht they will do the food shop for you on the first day, working from their personal menu, you and the crew will pay for the food. If you don't have a host you will be in charge of doing the food shop.





You will shop for all your drinks on check in day, with the help of your host if you have added one on. Grabbing some from duty free can also be a great way to save some cash.

Additional costs

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Port fees

Port fees are payable on arrival at each island you visit. These vary depending on yacht size, location and dates.


Refundable yacht deposit

The yachting company require payment of a refundable deposit on your first day. Providing there is no damage, this will be returned in full at the end of the week.


Yacht fuel, water, shore power

You’ll need to keep your yacht topped up with fuel, water and power throughout the week to ensure your yacht is running in top shape!


Transfers to & from airport

You’ll need to make your own way to the marina from the airport - if you are taking a taxi, make sure to take out cash first!


Water taxis

You'll spend some nights away from the dock. For these, you'll need to grab a water taxi to take you to and from The Yacht Week events.


Additional dinners for skipper & host

Your Skipper and Host need watering and feeding while you're away from the yacht!


Alcohol & eating out

Treat yourself to drinks and meals throughout the week out in local bars and restaurants.


Staff tips

Tipping is customary in the marine industry. So if your skipper and host have given you an amazing week, please consider tipping them for their services.

Estimated yachting costs



Cost estimation

€1,950 total

€195 total per person

Port fees
Water taxis

groupPrices based on 10 people onboard