Inside The Yacht Week

How it works

We keep saying its the best week of your life and you've chosen the destination you want to go to, but how exactly does it work? How do you select a yacht? What is a host? We clear up some common questions below, so go on - have a little scroll.

Your step-by-step guide


Choose from our yacht categories or pick your own!


Choose your crew; sail with a group or join a shared yacht


Pay & sail; secure your spot for just a 10% deposit


Choose a category or pick your own

Our categories

We have two yacht categories to chose from, Classic and Premium, in each yacht type, Monohull and Catamaran. Choose whichever one fits you and the crews desires and budget, and you will be allocated a yacht that fits the specifications of that category. Or if you know exactly what you want, feel free to pick your own!

Add your extras

Once you have chosen which category or yacht you want to sail, you can add on any extras to make your week exactly what you dreamt of. Here is where you can add on a host if you fancy someone cooking all you meals!


Choose your crew

Full yacht

Spend an unforgettable week on a yacht with your very own skipper and up to 12 friends. Can't fill a whole yacht? Use our handy Crew Finder to connect with other travellers.

Go to Crew finder


Set sail with like-minded adventurers in a cabin on a shared yacht.

Our team


Masters of the ocean, they’ll navigate and sail your crew, show you the hidden gems en route and ensure your safety is the priority. Skippers are also included with every booking.

  • + RYA Skipper License (or equivalent)
  • + Trained at TYW Skipper Academy
  • + Will quite literally show you the ropes if you’d like to learn to sail


A host will take your week to a whole new level. They’ll prepare fresh meals for you on deck everyday and keep your yacht in tip-top shape.

Hosts can be added on to any yacht you choose, as long as there is a cabin for them to sleep.

  • + Culinary genius
  • + Local know-it-all
  • + Trained at TYW Host Academy

Pay and sail

Payment instalments

Instalment 110%

Instalment 230%

Instalment 360%

Pay just 10% at the time of booking to secure your place.

We make life a little less painful by asking for payments in three instalments. Your 10% deposit is due upon booking, followed by 30% of the balance due 30 days after booking, and the remaining 60% due 60 days before your trip.

Add your crew to your booking and once they've made a profile they can also make payments online and pay their share.


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